Ss. Peter & Paul Byzantine Catholic Church
1140 Johnston Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18017

2021 Holiday Bake Sale


Thank you to every one who baked

and to those that purchased our wonder items.


In addition to Pierogi and Halupki sales, Saints Peter & Paul also offers seasonal baked goods for sale. 

The first for Easter, the second during the annual Fall Bazaar and the third for the Christmas holidays. 

If baking is your specialty or you would love to learn how,

whether you can offer a few hours or all day,

we would love to have you join us.









Wednesday, June 29th
Preeminent Apostles Peter & Paul
6:30 p.m.  Divine Liturgy @ Bethlehem PA - In Church Only
Saturday, July 2nd
4:00 Divine Liturgy @ Bethlehem PA - In Church and Live Streaming Via Facebook (_Mary Brosky by M/M George Brosky)