Ss. Peter & Paul Byzantine Catholic Church
1140 Johnston Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18017




Thank You!  THis year's Bazaar was a high success,

surpassing all past Bazaars,

and for this we must thank all of our volunteers,

not only our parishioners who came

out to help us, but also the friends of our

Parish who came out to do the same.

It is only through the itreless efforts and

counrtless hours of our volunteers that we

were able to accomplish all that we did. 

The long days, spending house upon

hours baking, cooking, organizing, shipping

preparing  The list goes on and one,

and all done by our amazing volunteers,

which is what made this Bazaar such

an immense success.  An undertaking

such as this may seem daungint

to most, but those sho stepped forward did

so knowing all the work that would be

required of them and stepped deep

into the challenge ahead of them. 

Again, and again, innumerable

thanks to our Parish volunteers, the

many frriends of our Parish who

volunteered their time ad efforts,

donors and our attendees making the

2022 Fall Bazaar the record setting

memorable event that it was! 

Our profit was $13,284.00 !



Thursday, February 2nd
(Solemn Holy Day)
6:30 p.m. Divine Litrugy @ Bethlehem (In Church Only)
Saturday, February 4th
4:00 Divine Liturgy @ Bethlehem PA - In Church and Live Streaming Via Facebook (Health and God's Blessings for David Chismar by Family)